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As one of only a small number of board certified female plastic surgeons in New York City, Dr. Alesia Saboeiro brings a feminine perspective to cosmetic surgery. Her comfortable, relaxed manner puts patients at ease and her empathetic nature allows her to focus on the individual concerns and needs of each patient. Whether you are interested in fat grafting to any part of the face and/or body, breast augmentation, liposuction, or eyelid surgery, Dr. Saboeiro offers her honest opinion based on her extensive training and experience. She has seen that changing a person's appearance can result in an improvement in both self-esteem and confidence, and she feels privileged to be able to play a part in this transformation.

Dr. Saboeiro has many male patients, but as a woman, she feels she can be particularly empathetic toward other women. She understands the pressure placed on women to look forever young and shapely. As she is going through the aging process herself, she has had first-hand experience with some of the treatments she recommends to her patients. Her primary objectives are to make you happy and to improve your appearance.

Member American Society of Plastic Surgeons Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Does the Sex of the Surgeon Matter?
Published: March 30, 2006

New Beauty MagazineDr. Sydney R. Coleman, a plastic surgeon in New York City, said he hired a young woman as an associate in 2004 in order to better communicate with patients. Now he often invites that woman, Dr. Alesia P. Saboeiro, to join in his consultations, to offer her opinion and to answer questions patients are too embarrassed to ask him, he said.

"I am a good listener," Dr. Coleman said. "But no matter how hard I try to get into the head of a woman, I am never going to understand her completely."

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